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Enjoy Holidays in 5 Awesome Beaches in Southern Vietnam

By: Brian Vu - 25 September 2016

If you’re planning an awesome beach holiday in Southern Vietnam, you should never miss these beach options for your journey.

1. Mui Ke Ga Beach – Phan Thiet
Mui Ke Ga Beach is a famous and beautiful beach in Phan Thiet, Vietnam and can be visited all year round. The rainy season here is from June to August but the rain is not heavy and long. Besides, Phan Thiet is concentration of many Russian tourists.
2. Vung Tau (remember: not “Vung Tao”)
Vung Tau is also the paradise of beaches in Vietnam and loved by almost tourists, especially whoever love gambling. Mostly loved by Asian tourists, Vung Tau is considered as a Las Vegas of Vietnam thanks to the appearance of many casinos.
3. Nha Trang
Without doubt, Nha Trang is the most famous and modern beach destination in Vietnam with natural and artificial beaches. However, anyone interested in natural ones should consider staying quite far from the city. The rainy season here is from October to the end of November (still OK for holiday but not really beautiful). Besides, Nha Trang is also the HOT destination of Russian people but they almost concentrate in Vin Pearl Resort.
4. Phu Quoc
Certainly, Phu Quoc is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam but the services here are a bit costly and resorts are almost at high rate. Nevertheless, Phu Quoc still attracts visitors because of delicious seafoods.
5. Con Dao
If you prefer a budget holiday in Southern Vietnam, don’t even think about Con Dao, where every thing is really expensive: high-quality services and luxury resorts. The classic accommodations are also available but they are not convenient for dining and sea bathing.
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