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Boutique Cam Thanh Resort – The Beautiful Villas among Bay Mau Coconut Forest in Hoi An

By: Bich Phuong - 30 June 2017
Boutique Cam Thanh Resort certainly offers a brand-new experience for your Hue trip.  The resort makes high impression in the first visit by not only its special location but also the amazing activities and comfortable services. Let follow us to discover wonderful things about this 4-star resort. Situated in Quang Nam province, Boutique Cam Thanh Resort is only far 3km from Hoi An Ancient Town.
This place is near many famous destinations in Hue such as An Bang Beach, Thanh Ha Pottery Village and Tra Que Organic Village. So travelers can easily catch a shuttle bus from those tourist attractions to the resort. The resort is located on a mangrove forest, which is the ideal environment of coconut trees – a well-known indigenous tree in tropical area. Experiencing the huge changes of Vietnam history, the forest still remains its pristine beauty that you can enjoy completely an eco-friendly trip and immerse into the tranquility and peace of nature.
Boutique Cam Thanh Resort 1
The design of Boutique Cam Thanh Resort
Along with the perfect harmony with wild nature, Boutique Cam Thanh resort is highlighted by its stunning architecture, which is a skillful combination between traditional Vietnam houses and modern structures.  When visiting the resort, tourists will have an opportunity to experience a familiar space of Vietnam rural villages in the past time. There are a complex of 40 rooms and villas divided into 3 areas; each area has a large pool with the surrounding of pretty green orchard garden.
Boutique Cam Thanh Resort 2
An inside space of Cam Thanh villa
The green space of resort always creates a special atmosphere for restaurants of beverages and traditional foods. Among the endless of coconut forest, you can slowly taste fabulous cocktails of tropical area and delicate deserts at Non’s Bar or try to enjoy great coffee at Café Ngon. If you are culinary lovers, Lúa restaurant is certainly an ideal choice for you to discover the unique features of the central land’s traditional dishes. 
Boutique Cam Thanh Resort 3
Moreover, the resort also supply massage services and other luxurious ones, which offers the best relaxation and health treatment for visitors. The resort not only releases all of us from the bustling pace of modern life but also brings us to a world of freshness and serene in our soul at the first visit.
Boutique Cam Thanh Resort 4
Besides, Boutique Cam Thanh resort is an interesting place to discover the long standing culture of local people through traditional shop. There are 10 Bungalow used for man-made souvenirs of native people from handicrafts to silk, lanterns, hand-embroidered arts, and potteries.
If you love to gardening, you can explore a beautiful vegetable garden within the Boutique Cam Thanh resort where you can become a real farmer. In the garden, you can discover the daily work of local people on the garden from planting vegetables to watering new plants and harvesting those vegetables. All of those processes mostly is completed by human hands without huge interventions of modern technology as the Western countries.
Boutique Cam Thanh Resort 5
With an amazing space of coconut forests, a basket boat excursion is a must-discover activities in Boutique Cam Thanh resort. You can learn how to control a basket boat and drive it towards small tunnels among the green coconut forest. Each of basket boat can host up to 2 to 3 people with the support of a professional paddlers, who guide you to many beautiful spots in the forest. With those convenient services, Boutique Cam Thanh resort will be a wonderful experience for everyone in Vienam trip. A cut-edging space of design gets on well with traditional Vietnam architecture. All of those factors contribute the new and distinctive features for this place.