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Vietnam Culinary discovering is hobby of many tourists to Vietnam. How can a Vietnam travel be perfect without flavour of Vietnamese foods? No way! All you need is take some options of Vietnamese foods into your list before you go so as not to miss the tasting flavour of the various Vietnam cuisines. From Bun Cha to Banh Mi, the famous names in the world, you will always find it is still left on your appetite even when you were back home.

The Best Menu for Gourmet Travelers in Ha Giang

16 October 2015

Ha Giang is fascinating to visitors thanks to not only grandiose scenery with impressive mountains, unique customs and diverse festivals but also being the culinary paradise of cuisines made from natural ingredients. If you want to see all of the above, you have no choice but visiting Ha Giang to find yourself interesting and special experience.

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Explore the Best Local Foods in Lai Chau – Mountainous Region in Northern Vietnam

14 October 2015
Different from the precious dishes of the bustle cities, Lai Chau is famous for not only the stunning scenery with high mountains, but also the typical and attractive dishes of the northwest mountainous of Vietnam. Lai Chau cuisine has an excellent taste but what’s more, it contains the culture of each ethnic group, as well as the feelings of peoples here. Read more +

Vietnam Culinary

18 May 2015
Vietnam cuisine is always considered as one of the tastiest and healthiest of the world’s featuring the five fundamental spices in the overall meals with distinctive flavor. Read more +