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Let's See What Our Customers Talk about Us After Their Holidays in Vietnam!
Fabulous time with Hello Vietnam Travel - December 2015
Mr. Steve S
United Stated Of America

Fabulous time with Hello Vietnam Travel - December 2015

Normally, I don't like tours, because of the number of people in the tours and the tight schedules. 'Hello Vietnam Travel', however, did everything they could to make my trip very pleasant, comfortable throughout. I requested a solo tour and told them where I wanted to go and see, and they were able to provide me everything I asked for. The driver was prompt, and very flexible. The guide was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable of the areas I visited. I also took a side trip to Laos, and Ms Lily was quite helpful, calling in, periodically to make sure things were running smoothly. They make it so easy and seamless for you, taking you to places you ordinarily wouldn't go to, let alone, be able to find without getting lost. So, overall, my experience with 'Hello Vietnam Travel' was absolutely outstanding, and definetley utilize their services again.

Highlight of my visit to Hanoi! - October 2015
Paris, France

Highlight of my visit to Hanoi! - October 2015

Going on Hello Vietnam Travel's day tour of Hanoi was probably the best decision I took while visiting Hanoi!

I don't usually go on tours, as I prefer to discover a city on my own account, but Hanoi was a little different. The place is incredible, but a bit overwhelming. So while trying to explore it I found myself lost a couple of times, and couldn't make much of the places I was seeing. But I took the tour and everything turned out amazing. 

Tuan, the guide, took me to some places I would have never found on my own, like the small streets of the Old Quarter that are out of the tourists path, and a local street market. We also visited some of the more mainstream attractions, like Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum, the One Pillar Pagoda and the Temple of Literature. He always had an answer to my questions, which really helped me understand more about of the Vietnamese customs and the historical significance of the places we saw. His ability to communicate in English was great, and he told me they also have local German, Italian and French speaking guides. 

If you are looking to get a local perspective during your trip in Hanoi, I strongly recommend Hello Vietnam Travel's services. Also, I will be back with another review after I take one of their tours through the rest of Vietnam, into Laos and Cambodia.

Natural wonders of Vietnam & Laos – October, 2015
Sebastian Hoffmann und Familie

Natural wonders of Vietnam & Laos – October, 2015

It is now several weeks since our tour to the totally foreign countries of southeast Asia. We do not have too much to talk about our holiday, and even if we wanted, we were not able to do this. I mean, how can you bring these perfect services and breathtaking landscapes into words! Thank you so much for these experience, Hello Vietnam!

We did not know too much about neither Vietnam nor Laos, mostly did we get us some information via internet. And then did we found them on their website, hellovietnamtravel.com. There was nothing really special on it, only that what so many other travel agents are offering. But there was something so familiar in those guys, and I got to know that those were friendly and helpful people, especially after my request and their phone call received. They supported me all the time I such a professional way with these prompt answers for every even small issue we met. The knowledgeable and nice guides brought us to every destination we wished. They really made our trip!

I don’t know what else should be said. Warmest greetings from the Hoffmann family. We will come back soon!

Amazingly, I never thought that the trip was so delightful - Northern Vietnam 5 Days - Oct 2015
Mrs. Glenna

Amazingly, I never thought that the trip was so delightful - Northern Vietnam 5 Days - Oct 2015

I booked a 5-day tour at Hello Vietnam Travel with my companions. Amazingly, I never thought that the trip was so delightful before, until I got it. Although I come from an Asian country but Vietnam (also an Asia nation) is really different from our hometown in many aspects: culture, clothes, foods, history,….

Mr. Gary William
United States of America

"Amazing trip I ever had" - Vietnam Highlights 12 Days - Oct 2015

Amazing trip I ever had! Mr.Ngan, the guide, took us to almost highlights of Hanoi. The trip was fantastic with deep understanding about Vietnamese history, culture and so on. Specially, the visit to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum helped us have an exhaustive look at the man named Ho Chi Minh about whom we hear only via internet.

Le Laos in incredible way - September 2015
Mr. Axel Gotkovsky

Le Laos in incredible way - September 2015

My friend and I booked a half day in Luang Prabang. The guide, English speaking was really adorable and taking care of us very good! Lunch at a local restaurant, slightly off-center and thus not too touristic, was genial!! I recommend it!!