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Check out the best list of all tourist attractions in Vietnam here. Based on our real inspections, we provide you the best information about places to visit in all destinations in Vietnam with hope that you will complete your journey the best. If interested, don't hesitate to consider our Vietnam tours which are designed with the best itinerary.

Long Bien Bridge – The Reminder of Vietnamese History

17 March 2017

Long Bien Bridge is an indispensable collage as regards of the historical structures in Hanoi capital through many the generations. In the Hanoian’s soul, the bridge not only functioned as the strategic road system century but also witnessed important events of Vietnam history during 19th century. 

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Dong Xuan Market - The Ancient Market of Vietnamese

14 March 2017
Located on the area of Hanoi Old Quarter, Dong Xuan Market is well-known as one of the largest markets in Vietnam in the period of French colonialism. The destination not only plays a role as a memorable milestone of Vietnamese history but also reflects Vietnamese trading culture through many previous generations. Read more +

Ethnology Museum – The Convergence of Vietnamese Culture

13 March 2017

Built in 2008, Ethnology Museum is a miniature model about culture of 54 different ethnic groups in the overall of Vietnamese culture. This place functions as the preservation, restoration, and reconstruction for Vietnamese cultural values until the opening day of the ancient king. Ethnology Museum certainly offers the unique taste of Vietnamese identity through rituals, architecture, folk music, or ancient art. 

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Temple of Literature – A Glorious Mark of Vietnamese Education in Feudalism

12 March 2017

Temple of Literature is the first university of Vietnamese, which is one of the best well-preserved structures of Vietnamese architecture under the period of feudalism. Besides, this destination also worships Confucius and honors the Vietnamese famous scholars. It can be seen that Temple of Literature really become a cultural marks, where national values were shined, especially the studious spirit of Vietnamese  thousand years ago.  The information below may help you have an overview about Temple of Literature:

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Tran Quoc Pagoda – The Typical Symbol of Vietnamese Buddhism

10 March 2017

Tran Quoc Pagoda is well-known as one of the most sacred places in the Buddhist structures in Vietnam. Built about 1500 years ago, the pagoda has become a symbol of Vietnamese culture through many generations, where everyone finds the purity for their own soul. It is the extreme silence of the pagoda’s atmosphere along with the beauty of its architecture and nature around. Let’s follow us to discover this ancient pagoda:

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Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum - The Heart of Vietnamse Spirit

07 March 2017

Vietnamese considers Ho Chi Minh mausoleum as a holy place, where is a symbol of national pride and the gratitude to Ho Chi Minh president- the great leader of Vietnam people in the 19th century. This place is not only well-known as a spiritual structure, but for the beauty of Ho Chi Minh daily life. All spaces of Ho Chi Minh mausoleum bear the influence of green architecture, which is a perfect combination between Vietnam architecture and fresh natural. Let’s follow our introduction below to learn more clearly about the priceless values of Ho Chi Minh mausoleum to Vietnamese:

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